About center

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Mari El is a non-governmental non-profit organization.
The Chamber was established in November 1994 and unites commercial and non-profit organizations, enterprises and entrepreneurs of the Republic of Mari El and their associations.
Our mission: to promote the prosperity of the economy of the Republic of Mari El, the business success of the members of the chamber.


Address Republic of Mari El, Yoshkar-Ola, ul. Builders, 95
Phone/Fax 42-03-58
E-mail rmepalata@mail.ru
Web-site http://www.tpp12.ru

Structure of the center

Dementiev German

Phone: (8362) 42-03-58, 63-01-64, 42-03-58, 88362630164, 89877307000

E-mail: centrtpprme@mail.ru, rmepalata@mail.ru

Fax: (8362) 42-04-56